Any person above 18 years of age who shares the objectives and interest of the Association is eligible to become a member by paying an annual membership fee as follows: 

CHF 50 per individual 

CHF 75 per couple (with each additional member of the same family paying CHF 25) 

CHF 25 for Students

Please note membership is valid for calender year and payment must be made before end of March each calendar year. Payments may be made to Swiss Postal Account No. 12-12367-6. Please send us email and including family\member name(s), address and contact details, so that we could publish it in IAG directory.

The members of the Executive Committee of IAG dedicate themselves to be at the service of the Association by ensuring to project good programmes to entertain the members and their families. It is the members who make the Association what it is. Therefore we look forward to your active and continued support. Remember that the Association is of the people, by the people and for the people.

The activities of the Association are : to hold cultural programmes including Indian musical concerts, dance and dramas; to organize social evenings to mark important festivals, i.e. Holi, Diwali, and Christmas; to commemorate days of national signifcance, i.e. Republic Day and Independence Day; to organize FĂȘte Indienne periodically and to participate in fĂȘtes organized by the International Community of Geneva and the Cantonal authorities to raise funds for charitable and humanitarian causes; to organize and participate in sports events; to have periodic outings and picnics.

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